A Teacher's Book in English!

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Eigo Noto: A Teacher's Book in English

Well not really, but this is as close as you can find if you are looking for a set of Teacher's Books in English.

Yes, there are actually ALT notes in English! Click on one of the links, scroll to the bottom of the linked page and you will find them in Word format as a direct download. It’s free and it's very useful so take advantage of it. These are the full lesson plans notes or a breakdown of it in English! Book 1 is actually complete althought I suspect the good people at kairyudo.co.jp have someone still working on the Book 2 notes, but you can still find a few completed lesson plans. These are lifesavers if you are an ALT having to pose as a "T1" so be sure to check out these Eigo Note English lesson plans.

Addendum: We've just checked the publisher's website again for links, and everthing seems fine. Even the Book 2 ALT lesson notes have been finished. They have, however, updated their webpage design and it looks really great! Kudos to Kairyudo and their designer on a great design...I love it! These ALT notes have helped everyone so much in the program and even my fellow Japanese Teachers of English and my Japanese Homeroom Teachers who are capable to work with these English ALT notes have expressed how greatful they are for receiving these notes. Many thanks...and lol!
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Book 1 英語ノート Eigo Noto ALT teaching/lesson plan notes in English

Book 2 英語ノート Eigo Noto ALT teaching/lesson plan notes in English

There are also some materials at this site such as flash cards and game cards. But if you are an ALT I you really should not use your own money for these materials. Why not just print out the webpage and leave it on your principal's desk with a note "Kore wa sugoii, desu!" Anything really to get his or her attention. This site is only in Japanese by the way, so you may want to translate these pages with the google toolbar if you want to see them in English; you will need a U.S. version toolbar, though. The breakdown on the item list can be very useful for taking notes on what items you'll need to prepare for your next lesson.

Book 1 Materials http://www.kairyudo.co.jp/07_goods/470009/index.htm
Book 2 Materials http://www.kairyudo.co.jp/07_goods/470019/index.htm



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