A Teacher's Book in English!

May 20 2010 0 Comments

Well not really, but this is as close as you can find one if you are looking for a set of Teacher's Books in English.

Yes, there are actually ALT notes in English! Click on one of the links, scroll to the bottom of the linked page...

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Sorry for the old links...

Jun 11 2009 0 Comments

Updated links for Eigo Noto ALT Lesson Plans from www.kairyudo.co.jp

I've been meaning to check on these and see if anything has changed and yes, it has.

Hope these links help "you" to better find what you have been looking for...

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Comments: on the Eigo Noto's Teaching Timeline

June 29 2010 4 Comments

A few comments turned into a post from one of our readers:

With all the different activities in the Eigo Note, this might be a concern with a few teachers so feel free to add your comments via the contact form. Please reference this article.

It has been a bit late but better late than never since Jesse requested for this so here goes...

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