Eigo Noto Textbook to become OBSOLETE? - What about the Eigo Note funding and ESL in Elementary Schools?

Dec 02 2009 0 Comments by The ENB

"Well, the news is out about the Eigo Note.
Will it be abolished?
Is the "noto" going to become obsolete?
Well, only time will tell, and the translations
I'm getting back from Google and Excite."

"Here's what I've deciphered so far from the Yomiuri article

Such were my words in the last post on this subject matter of "Eigo Note abolished?"

Well, there is a news article in English on the matter of policy makers trying to make the Eigo Note obsolete.


The Daily Yomiuri Online has it online, so check it out.

It still makes me upset to see the points made by some policy makers questioning if even English has to be taught in Elementary Schools, deciding if direct downloads are the way to go, or even digitalize the materials.

Well, while we are at it why stop at Elementary School? We could digitalize everything all the way up to public universities and public colleges. Now that would really save some money or is the offer of digitalizing programs only on the board for English programs.

Well, in my own view digitalized programs always lead to print-outs which do get in the hands of the students, but after that... who knows where those print-outs go? The garbage, under the bed, in someone else's lunch? A textbook usually stays longer with the student 100 times or over to 1. I know it, and so does every other teacher in Elementary school in Japan.


That's (why print-outs are) the main reason why English programs have never worked so well in Japan. In the past, most of the kids had nothing to hold on to for review.

Just ask your neighbor's kids or even your own in Japan to see what number of copies they have saved from their Elementary School English program and let's start there with some good old fashioned research instead of assuming in 30 minutes we can solve everyone's issues on the funding.

By the way when you assume, as some have said in the past: Be careful when you assume because sometimes you can make an "ass" out of "u" and "me." Mistakes are usually what make people really upset, like me.

So, yeah, why not! Let's digitalize everything and every kid in Japan can have either a huge A4 file with print-outs to carry around or a lap-top in exchange for downloaded prints and things will become just like Star Trek. Seems the sorting business policy makers already have their heads up in the stars on this matter. Maybe, they want the kids to follow them there, too...



P. S. To anyone slightly offended. Gee whiz! I'm so bad... Sorry!... But then again I must be bad in tough times... It's my country too!


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