Lesson 9-4 The Fourth lesson - "What's your lunch?" Lunch Group Presentations...

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"What's your lunch?"

"We have green tea, hamburger, miso soup, pizza, curry and rice, and a parfait."

= 3 votes from the kids.

Why only 3 votes for "Yes" for the "Would you eat that?" Game. Well, the students said they would get an upset stomach for starters. The food items did not go well together. "Awanai" in Japanese. So I guess most kids are already used to International Menus in Japan. They just want to enjoy them on separate occasions...

1. Intro

2. Review food items with flashcards

3. Give the chant as a reminder-quiz again: Ask the kids which 4 foods will appear

4. While getting the answers by student number, ALT sings the song accapela then stops before the word, so that student can fill in the next line.

5. Go thru the lyrics with the class accapela

6. Work on the accent "What would you like?" and "I'd like..." Try a few A-B practice skits in pairs. (Just for review.)

7. Use the electronic blackboard if needed for the mini-group-presentation:
Prep the kids for the presentation:
Teach "What do you have for lunch?" and "We have.....and..." (Use "We" instead of "I" have... in the last lesson.)

8. Kids come up to the front or just stand up at their lunch-groups and do their presentations.

9. Finish the lesson, with some games and some review.

10. Review the Let's Enjoy 3 activity on pages 62 and 63 with the kids with the remainig time, if you are planning to use it for this last lesson. Or another lesson if you can get one. (The answers are on the last page of the pink Teacher's Book.) For me this is the easiest way to review the whole textbook, but it's based on memory so some might complain about it. A way to work around that might be to use a worksheet to prepare the kids. Or, if you have stronger kids, the worksheet can be given as a review worksheet after the activity.

(Hey kids, "Excellent Job!" for the whole year, but please I still want you all to try to stop saying sarada!)


(Never satisfied until the last katakana accent bites the dust.)

We were running out of time so we had to do the presentations quickly for the class below. Enjoy the videos:

Hope your lessons all year went really well!


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