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Flashcard sets in .pdf

Here are some flashcard sets in .pdf that I've used in my lessons. Remember the images are of course property of those who made the Textbook. Click here to get to the download page.

Contact us and let us know what you think and if you have any requests for materials please let us know.


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Flashcards around the Internet

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Are you looking for really good web sites for free flashcards? Well, so am I but I think this may be one of the best flashcards sites on the web...

Here's an egg for you if you are looking for more...Have you ever had one of those days where you searched and searched the entire web on Google or Yahoo! and just went thru flash card portal after portal to no avail. Why not just head over to the best list in the world for the search on "free ESL flashcards" and you will see what I mean. 'Alexa' sure has it goin' on! Just click on the links below the numbered main titles and you will be referred to that free flashcards site's main page faster than you can digitally print-out your own name from a core-duo.

Here's the address:

The other option may be to try the Eigo Noto 英語ノート publisher's site for flashcards for Book 1 and Book 2 below if you the money to spend. But why not search the web for free flashcards and free clip art if you have the time. Let us know what you find and we will post it for you for others to see. I will be posting some of my own flashcards in the near future.
Book 1 Materials
Book 2 Materials

Book 2 Lesson 1: The Alphabet Pairing Activity

Alphabet Stuff:

The Alphabet Pairing Activity

The Alphabet Pairing Activity Flashcards on the blackboard

When I first saw these flashcards I didn't really think to much of them. They had a kind of funky circus like feel to them. But they fit the criteria perfectly for this activity.

I just laminated them, sliced them all in half in the chopper machine in the teacher's room and I was ready to go.

In use, actually, many letters were almost a close fit with some other letters.

This really confused some of the kids and made the game a lot more challenging.

You can find them here at Jane Buckley's famous A to Z Phonics site:

Alphabet Printables for the lesson pairing activity. at

Look for the Printables menu link on the left then go there and scroll down to the topics menu for Alphabet Printables. Click that and look for the big blue A... beside ...

"Large A4 Printable Alphabet in colour or black and white."

This site has a lot to offer so it is well worth a much deeper look. Good job Jane!

Hope this helps...


Eigo Note Quiz-Tester-Worksheets Book 1 Archives

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These are The ENB's very own home-made special ESL worksheets that will hopefully promote, well, Japanese kids working on ESL worksheets. I can't speak for everyone else in Japan, but I haven't really had any major problems in giving these to the kids. They are also great for checking on their phonics and reading skills by keeping track of their scores as a class in a spreadsheet and graphing it once in a while. I'll put up a post regarding that very soon.

In the meantime, I hope they work well in your lessons. If you don't use them just keep them in mind if a ever a student will ask you for some extra work or homework.

And I'm quite serious about calling these "QTW's". Just take a look in the little category box below..."Book 1 QTW's."

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Eigo Note Quiz-Tester-Worksheets Book 2 Archives

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Here are the Book 2 QTW's. Hope they work out well for you. Also, you might think that Grade 6 students may seem to be a little more adept at phonics than the lower grades but things might be exactly the opposite. Try and get a "feeling" for your classes before you hand these out. You might not be exactly putting the "fun" in learning if you use these the wrong way. So, don't forget to tell the kids, "It's not a test, it's practice."

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