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Welcome to the Resources Page!

There will be more articles coming soon!

In the meantime, what are you doing with your lower grade level classes. Well, I love to use ABC connect the dot handouts while introducing the alphabet when teaching English to kids. You can find some interesting connect the dots handouts at these following sites:

Connect-the-dot activities for kids:

More difficult connect-the-dot free print-outs

If you need help looking for a really good, excellent set of alphabet cards for the extension game on page 31 of the Eigo Noto 2 Teachers Book for Eigonote Book 2 Unit 2 Lesson 2... there are some really nice free alphabet flashcards at:

Look for the "Upper/Lower - B&W" alphabet set on the page. There are some nice colored sets there too. Print them up, laminate them, and cut them in the upper and lower case pairs first. Then, cut those pairs in half with different curves and lines so the students can have a little fun putting them together. It's a nice little fun activity/game for the Eigo Note.

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What am I teaching tomorrow?

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Are you having trouble keeping track of your lessons? Sometimes trying to adapt to your daily, weekly, or even monthly schedule as an Assistant Language Teacher can be a little difficult. It seems it all depends on what kind of scedule you may have. Some ALT's have as little as a one or two school assignment and some as high as 15 or 16 schools. The more schools you are assigned to it is most probable that those schools should be helping more with informing the ALT of the upcoming lesson. Otherwise, if your schedule is well-rounded, the schools may leave you on your expecting you to write your own schedule plan. Now, some people may like using PDA's, or an email account, or even a Search Engine's Calendar such as Google Calendar or even Yahoo's version.

But we need something handy, well-enough to carry around, and quick to pull out on a moment's or (HRT's) notice. So, a mini-whiteboard will definitely be out of the question. I like personal planners but they don't seem to fit the kid of work we are in.

The handiest thing so far for me has been either a simple and small 100 yen-shop calendar slim enough to fit in my bag and an A4 free printable from the internet. My personal favorite free printable calendar is from at for the calendar section.

You will see many to choose from but whichever you choose, at least you will have a lot of room to write on. Place it in an A4 file folder with your ALT lesson plans and you're set to go! (The A4 file folder has been my most trusted and organized friend.)

Lastly you may want to color code Book 1 entries and Book 2 entries if you are in a tough situation. Good luck!

p.s. Another good use for these prints is for keeping track of student birthdays if the kids let you do it. Or for your own private student if you are teaching privately after school.


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Eigo Note Quiz-Tester-Worksheets Book 1 Archives

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These are The ENB's very own home-made special ESL worksheets that will hopefully promote, well, Japanese kids working on ESL worksheets. I can't speak for everyone else in Japan, but I haven't really had any major problems in giving these to the kids. They are also great for checking on their phonics and reading skills by keeping track of their scores as a class in a spreadsheet and graphing it once in a while. I'll put up a post regarding that very soon.

In the meantime, I hope they work well in your lessons. If you don't use them just keep them in mind if a ever a student will ask you for some extra work or homework.

And I'm quite serious about calling these "QTW's". Just take a look in the little category box below..."Book 1 QTW's."

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Eigo Note Quiz-Tester-Worksheets Book 2 Archives

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Here are the Book 2 QTW's. Hope they work out well for you. Also, you might think that Grade 6 students may seem to be a little more adept at phonics than the lower grades but things might be exactly the opposite. Try and get a "feeling" for your classes before you hand these out. You might not be exactly putting the "fun" in learning if you use these the wrong way. So, don't forget to tell the kids, "It's not a test, it's practice."

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